Clean & Healthy

Clean Energy

  • More solar, energy efficiency, electric vehicles and bicycles
  • No offshore oil drilling or coal-fired power plants

Clean Water

  • Clean ocean water unspoiled by offshore oil drilling, or oil spilled on our streets from cars
  • Fewer pesticides and fertilizers spread on land in Rehoboth Beach that washes into the Bay, causing algae growth and zero-oxygen areas
  • Green infrastructure improvements and filter out sediment and pollutants before they reach the water
    • Mimic natural habitats and absorb excess water.
    • Install permeable pavements, rain gardens, bioswales, vegetative swales, green roofs, planter boxes, rainwater harvesting (rain barrels), and urban tree canopies.

Healthy Future

  • Support pedestrian safety, yield to pedestrians in crosswalks with signage
  • Encourage clean transportation
  • Support Rehoboth-Lewes canal access project
  • Promote Bandstand Pedestrian Plaza akin to Cape May’s Pedestrian Plaza which is good for Rehoboth Beach businesses/restaurants
  • Reduce local single-use plastics, especially styrofoam which crumbles, blows into the ocean and hurts marine life
  • Reduce our carbon footprint, in cooperation with other towns, states and nations will reduce the unhealthy levels of greenhouse gases, which bring rising temperatures, flooding rains and droughts, here and around the world.