About Charlie

Charlie Garlow, who lives on Sussex St, Rehoboth Beach, DE, at Fifth, is a retired environmental attorney. He lives with his wife, Joan Flaherty, who is a retired federal health professional. Garlow is a US Marine Sergeant E-5, active duty during the Vietnam era. He is a graduate of Harvard University (undergraduate college) and WVa College of Law. He has hiked 2000 miles of the Appalachian Trail and hopes to finish the 2200 mile Trail later this year. For fun, he rides a unicycle and practices banjo.

He and Joan are strong supporters of the League of Women Voters of Sussex County Delaware, embracing their support of good governance, voting rights, human rights and environmental protection. Garlow is also pleased to be associated with several other volunteer, public-spirited organizations, including the DE Sierra Club, Citizens' Climate Lobby of Lower DE, and GreenDrinks.org.

Garlow is a supporter of downtown Rehoboth Beach businesses, being a small business owner (bike shop in Maryland) himself. During the off season, the Green Drinks effort has monthly meetings in downtown restaurants/bars on Mondays/Tuesdays, as they are slow nights for these businesses, so these owners support the effort to bring in customers to have an environmental discussion over food and beverages. Speakers from Plastic Free Delaware, Center for Inland Bays, Delaware Electric Vehicle Association and Sussex County Cyclists have been featured.

Garlow would like to advance green goals for the city and make it more sustainable and energy efficient and bring more nature into the city (more trees and natural habitat!). We need to work to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink and the community we treasure.

Garlow is concerned about climate change which threatens our businesses, homes and beaches (costs associated with beach replenishment). The changing climate also endangers our health and impacts agriculture farther inland (heat, droughts, floods), so he advocates developing a Climate Action Plan for Rehoboth Beach which will bring more clean energy cost saving technologies to Rehoboth Beach, such as solar panels, energy efficiencies and electric cars. We need to develop strong allies with other coastal cities in the ACT, the Association of Coastal Towns, to deliver the transformations needed to create a sustainable, green city of the future.

While important issues such as parking, development, traffic and high rents merit the continuing attention of the City officials, we must make time in our thinking for leading the First State in protecting the future of our environment for our children and grandchildren.

Garlow also supports other beneficial groups including Friends of the Rehoboth Beach Public Library, CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), the MERR Institute, Surfriders, Oceana, Assateague Coastal Trust, Inland Bays Foundation, the Center for the Inland Bays, the Delaware Nature Society and several other clean water groups.